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Souls-Alive is a unique partnership founded in the idea that we are most creative, passionate and fully alive when we are connected to and living life from our soul.

All of Us are Capable of This!


What’s in our way are ingrained beliefs, habits of thinking, and ways of being. Identifying them and inviting them into our hearts, accepting them with loving kindness, transforms them into their inherent life supporting energy. This opens us to a wholeness of being and a life lived ‘from the inside out’, inspired and nourished by the soul.

Souls-Alive creates and offers unique experiential holistic programs of self-discovery designed to support an awakening into soul consciousness – the joyous state of living in the knowing of oneself and all of creation as the Love that it is– leading to a new and different relationship with Self and others, and, a more creative, compassionate and fulfilling life.

Souls-Alive is a collaboration of Katherine Brewster, a Svaroopa® yoga and body-mind-spirit teacher, and Larry Hurst, a relationship and personal development coach. Katherine and Larry are experienced leaders of body-oriented transformational workshops, with private practices in New York City focused on spiritual and personal growth and life transitions.


'Souls-Alive' currently offers the following Soul Journey programs:

'Ready to Fly' Series

'Life Skills for Wellness'





To heed the calling of your creative, zany, wacky wondrous Self?

To venture into uncharted territory?

To bring your hidden gifts and talents to light?

To befriend those pesky background feelings?

To invite your Inner Critic out to play?

To listen to your Body's Wisdom?

To trust your Inner Voice?

To create a new and different relationship with yourSelf and others?


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