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The 'Ready to Fly' Series is the latest dynamically interactive, life-enhancing program offered by the Souls-Alive collaboration. To take the 'Ready to Fly' Series is to experience an ever-revealing transformative journey into the depth and wholeness of being.

The 'Ready to Fly' Series fosters a life of conscious awareness, acceptance, and loving kindness with all parts of Self. Shadow parts are reclaimed and integrated into our complete being using uniquely powerful yet gentle processes of self-inquiry and self-acceptance combined with yoga and qigong based techniques that follow the natural rhythms of breath, sound and movement. As a unified sense of belonging within oneself emerges, a new and different relationship with Self and others evolves. As we begin to engage with the Living Soul, we open to our true passion for life lived from the inside out.


The 'Ready to Fly' Series takes you on a mindful journey into the wondrousness of your soul through a unique unfolding process drawn from yoga and qigong based concepts of body-centered awareness, core spinal opening, energy movement, and self-acceptance, combining:

  • improvisational movement and vocal toning;
  • meditative yoga postures
  • self-observation, inquiry and reflection;
  • dynamic connections of body, breath and feelings;
  • non-judgmental listening, focusing and presence;
  • group and partner sharing;
  • fun yoga partnering postures;
  • a chance to get acquainted with your inner child... and... more...

The ‘Ready to Fly’ Series is a 3 stage journey. Whilst they are designed to follow in succession, each stage is complete within itself.

Stage 1: Stepping Into Body, Mind & Spirit

Stage 2: Opening Into the Fullness of Being

Stage 3: Living In Soul Consciousness


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To heed the calling of your creative, zany, wacky wondrous Self?

To venture into uncharted territory?

To bring your hidden gifts and talents to light?

To befriend those pesky background feelings?

To invite your Inner Critic out to play?

To listen to your Body's Wisdom?

To trust your Inner Voice?

To create a new and different relationship with yourSelf and others?


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