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Katherine BrewsterKatherine Brewster, MBA, RYT, & CSYT, is a Svaroopa® Yoga teacher, a certified practitioner of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy and Embodyment®, a level 4 Reiki Master and a devoted yogini. After 25 years in the corporate setting, Katherine transitioned her commitment to and passion for ‘matters of the soul’ into her life’s work. For the last 22 years, she has immersed herself in the study, practice and teachings of yoga, founding The ATMA Center of Yoga and Healing as a haven for inner peace and quiet on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Through classes in Svaroopa® yoga (group or individual), private healing sessions and body-oriented, experiential workshops and stress management courses, you are invited into the sense of wholeness that comes from integrating body, mind and spirit, and to find within the calm still point at your center where you can listen to your heart’s love song, remember your soul’s passion, and live a soul-fulfilled life from the inside out.

Katherine collaborates with Larry Hurst, a relationship and personal development coach, in Souls-Alive , a unique partnership founded in the idea that we are most creative, passionate and fully alive when we are connected to and living from our soul. And, that all of us are capable of this!! Souls-Alive creates and offers unique experiential holistic programs of self-discovery designed to support an awakening into soul consciousness – the joyous state of living in the knowing of oneself and all of creation as the Love that it is– leading to a new and different relationship with Self and others, and, a more creative, compassionate and fulfilling life.

Katherine is also dedicated to creating a bold new future for our planet, a human presence that is spiritually fulfilling, socially just and environmentally sustainable.  She works with The Pachamama Alliance as a facilitator of their symposium, Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream.

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